There will be a photo shoot to promote the petition on Saturday 18th August outside Ilford Town Hall at midday.
During the week I will be pushing NHS managers for more information regarding the proposed closure of the Cedar Chemotherapy Unit at King George. If they cannot support their claim that the unit closure is a service improvement then we will all know that it is cut that will damage patient care.
I am asking:
1 - Why Councillors were not informed about the reduction in service at the Cedar unit and proposed closure?
2 – Why is BHRUT breaching their own clinical services strategy, available on their website, to keep outpatients at King George?

3 – Why is BHRUT breaching their commitment to keep care close to home in their clinical services strategy?

4 – Will BHRUT provide full disclosure of the documents relating to the planned closure, especially the proposed staffing to patient ratios and the impact to the Queens car park?

5 – Can Joe Fielder, the BHRUT chair, provide an assurance that on his watch, no further cuts to services will take place until elected representatives and the public via board papers have been notified and consulted in advance?
After the loss of Meadow Court Care Home, Sterile Services and now the proposal to close the Cedar unit everyone must be wondering if the A&E is next.

The Save King George A&E petition promoting the 17th November meeting is here petitiion