Friday, January 28, 2011

Welcome to the new Save King George Hospital Blog

The Save King George Hospital Campaign is a multi-party and multi-faith campaign set up to persuade Andrew Lansley, Secretary of State for Health to stop the closure of A&E and maternity at our hospital.

The photo shoot outside number 10 on 7th April and the procession from Queens to Ilford Town Hall both went really well. A big thanks to the 8 MPs, Faith Leaders and Cllrs involved. The next tasks are to get as many signatures on a parliamentary petition as possible and responses to the IRP per the details on the about me section.

Andy Walker 07956 263088


  1. Good idea to have a public blog for saving the hospital. Like many (all?) people in Ilford I've need A&E services at King George - it's bad enough having to go to Goodmayes to get treatment when you're unwell or injured but it will be hellish going to Romford or Whipps. Why can't the unelected, unaccountable NHS bureaucrats realise that convenience and ease of access to services is just as important as quality of health care.

    Anway, good luck with the blog - hope lots of people contribute - at least enough to make Andrew Lansley chuck out these awful plans!

  2. Certainly hope it never happens that they shut down KGH A & E. It would be a total disaster if they did. The Queens Hospital finds it hard to cope now. Let's all hope this campaign to keep it open proves beneficial for everyone's sake.