Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Councillor Dodin to ask for £49M bid document to be published at BHRUT board meeting on 20th March

I wrote to BHRUT secretary earlier today to table the following question on Cllr Dodin's behalf.

"Will this board publish in full the 2018 £49M bid to reconfigure King George and Queens?"

We meet for a photo shoot outside King George by the Barley Lane Entrance for midday.

More on this at :


The Recorder are sending a photographer so it will be great to have a good turn out.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Photo shoot Wednesday 20th March midday outside King George Hospital on Barley Lane: Publish the £49M bid KGH A&E document!

BHRUT, the NHS managers responsible for King George and Queens Hospitals, made an unsuccessful bid to the central NHS for £49M for the "Acute Reconfigeration of Queens and King George Hospitals" in autumn 2018.

More on this HERE

An article in the Health Service Journal  has implied that BHRUT is seeking to fund this bid by alternative means see HERE

This matters because "acute reconfigeration" has always meant works to close King George A&E.
We do not know for certain what it is in the bid because we do not know what is in the bid document because it has not been published.

Usually if a £49M bid to "improve" our NHS had been knocked back by central government, our MPs and Cllrs would be making representations upon our behalf for the government to hand over the money. This is not happening as no one knows exactly what the £49M is for.

It must be concern that the £49M is to extend acute capacity at Queens, this means extra beds for emergency admissions.

On the face of it, this sounds a great thing, but the original closure plan implies that while acute capacity is increased at Queens, the overall acute capacity is reduced at the two hospitals.

The photo below is taken from the 2011 plan to close KGH A&E HERE

It shows huge cuts to medical staffing as a consequence of closing KGH A&E. So while, on the face of it, £49M to be spent to our local NHS sounds great, we really need to see the bid document to know what is going on.

My expectation is that the £49M would have/will be spent to help close KGH A&E. However, this is just speculation, we need to see the full bid document so we know what NHS managers intend for our hospitals.

The BHRUT board meet on the 20th at King George at 12:30pm hence the photo shoot before the meeting. We can go into the meeting for 12:30 and request that the bid document is published in full.

Friday, March 1, 2019

Why BHRUT need to publish this information on beds & death rates

I sent the following email to BHRUT seeking the following information to test the premise that past and any future bed cuts at King George are increasing death rates at Queens. The information I seek is crucial to discovering is this argument has merit. Email follows

Dear Sir or Madam

I request a review for the following reasons:

1 - Your point 1 refusing bed numbers, I say this must be published, the public have to right to know to important facts about what is happening in publicly  funded institutions such as hospitals, schools, prisons etc. BHRUT used to publish this information each month in their board papers to allow the public to view month what is happening with bed numbers at King George and Queens Hospitals.

Bed numbers are vital as they are linked to staffing numbers, bed occupancy and 4 hour A&E waits. I encourage you to immediately publish this key information. Anything else will undermine, in a small, but nonetheless real way, our local democracy. Cllr Zammett writes of the importance of bed numbers in the Recorder this week highlighting how important bed numbers are to the ongoing public conversation between NHS managers, elected representatives and residents. 

2- Your point 6 refusing bed occupancy for critical care beds. BHRUT used to release this information to me, it was used to campaign with elected representatives. I rely on the arguments I use in point 1 above. Withholding this information makes it more difficult for the  public and their elected representatives to campaign for extra critical care beds per the press article here. Again this information should be published immediately.

The link HERE has a story on critical care beds.

3 - Your point 8. I asked for the following:

"Your bed papers list excess deaths. Please can you send me excess deaths for each hospital site for the months of October, November & December 2018? For example where the board papers list say 'x' excess deaths for pneumonia, BHRUT supply me the information for King George and Queen’s excess deaths to arrive at the total of 'x'."

 BHRUT wrote:

"We are unable to provide this information."

This claim does not stand scrutiny.  You supplied similar information to me in the past per FOI 4318 which I attach below from 2016. Again I rely on the arguments above.

I wish to test the premise that past and any future bed cuts at King George are increasing death rates at Queens. The information I seek is crucial to discovering is this argument has merit.


Andy Walker 

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Inviting BHRUT to speak on 30th & £49M bid document

After meeting a member of the public on the street who told me he had been to a meeting at which a NHS manager had said King George A&E was safe I phoned BHRUT.

I spoke to Duncan Jenner, one of the BHRUT senior managers to ask for a copy of the failed 2018 £49M bid which appears to be for works to close King George A&E (copied below). I pressed for clarification of a recent HSJ article implying BHRUT may still be looking into funding for the £49M bid. He said he would look into it and I also repeated the invitation for a invitation for a BHRUT rep to come along to the meeting of the 30th March so they can make their case. 

I very much hope BHRUT will attend on the 30th.

Promoting the save KGH A&E event on 30th March last night

Yesterday I plugged the meeting at the Albert Road community centre. I thank Intisar Shah for organising the event HERE

In the evening I went to the Newham save our NHS event HERE in the new Whipps for another plug

Do contact me on 07956 263088 if you would like to me to speak at a meeting.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Letter to Recorder to plug meeting and walk on 30th March

Letter sent to Recorder earlier today

Dear Sir or Madam

The Ambulatory Care Unit at King George Hospital, which provides same day emergency care for the elderly frail discriminates against the younger patients who are denied care and transferred to Queens.

When challenged about this , NHS managers say that the "low levels of admitted adult patients" at King George justify this discrimination.

This argument does not stand scrutiny. Other hospitals in East London provide ambulatory care for all ages. Worthing Hospital with a high proportion of elderly residents provides ambulatory care for all residents. NHS managers have failed to deliver on a promise to provide a briefing about this discrimination on 21st January.

Without this briefing, it seems reasonable to believe that the discrimination is motivated by the new plan to close King George A&E and turn King George into a centre of excellence for the elderly published in October 2018. Local NHS managers sought £49M funding to implement this new plan to close King George A&E despite committing to a review of the closure in 2017.
There is a walk from King George Hospital at 2pm for a meeting at 3pm Ilford Town Hall on the 30th March to say this new plan to close King George A&E needs to be scrapped and that local NHS managers are not suited to carry out the review into King George as they are biased in favour of closing King George A&E.


Bob Archer, Secretary Redbridge Trades Council

Nic Dodin, Havering Councillor

Pete Mason, Socialist Party

RoseMary Warrington, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate

C/0 120 Blythswood Road Ilford IG3 8SG

Monday, February 25, 2019

£49M bid document to reconfigure King George A&E needs to be published


Rt Hon Matt Hancock
Secretary of State for Health and Social Care
Cllr Jas Athwal Leader of Redbridge Council
Mike Gapes MP
Keith Prince AM
London Wide Assembly Members
Seven Kings Cllrs

Dear Elected Representatives

£49M bid document to reconfigure King George A&E needs to be published

In 2018 East London NHS managers put an unsuccessful bid of £49M for “Queens and King George Hospitals reconfiguration” this has always meant work to close King George A&E.

This was despite in 2017 the same NHS managers committing to review the closure of King George A&E.

In January 2019, the review into the closure of King George A&E was re-announced.

Yet earlier this month the Health Service Journal published a report implying the £49M build was still being pursued.

Do you agree with me:

1 - That the bid document for the £49M should be published?
2 - The East London Health and Care Partnership should issue a statement about whether they are still pursuing the £49M bid to “reconfigure” King George?
3 – That the East London Health and Care Partnership has shown bias in favour of closing King George A&E by submitting a bid to close King George A&E? And if so independent experts should run the review into closing King George A&E and  the East London Health and Care Partnership should step aside?


Andy Walker
120 Blythswood Road IG3 8SG

Source information at https://savekinggeorgehospital.blogspot.com/2019/02/my-reply-to-cllr-santos-and-why-49m.html