Thursday, June 13, 2024

Good to get support for the New Wing at King George Campaign last night at Ilford South Hustings

Great to get the support of four of the eight candidates at the Ilford South Hustings last night for the campaign for a new wing at King George

This is Syed Siddiqi of the Green Party 

This is Noor Jahan Begum: Independent


This is Golam Tipu of the Workers Party

I was the fourth candidate, I hope the other four will come on board too.

I hope to get across to Ilford North Hustings and seek support from all the candidates.   

Thursday, March 7, 2024

Big Increase in patient numbers makes case for new wing at King George

 This is from page 237 of BHRUT board papers today

"The number of patients seeking urgent and emergency care at BHRUT increased by 9% in January when compared to January 2023. More than 5,800 extra patients were seen, treated, discharged or admitted within 4 hours this January compared to January 2023. All types performance was 74.1% for January 2024 which puts us in the national upper quartile. There were 12,767 type 1 attendances in January. Type 1 performance was 50.7%. Queens Type 1 performance was 50.1% which is a 11.4% improvement within 10 months, King George achieved 51.7% - a 24.1% improvement within 9 months. Type 2 activity is in Gynaecology and Eye Clinic, Gynaecology performance decreased to 79.1% (85.4% in December). Eye Clinic performance was 83.2% (83.5% in December). Type 3 activity increased to 13,676 attendances in January and performance improved 95.3% (95.1% in December)."

Substantial new developments are planned in East London, without new in-patient beds and more GPs the East London NHS performance seems set to decline. 

Maternity also needs to come back to King George. 

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Next New Wing for King George Meeting on 15th July 2024 at Redbridge Town Hall

 Delighted to announce our next campaign meeting on the 15th July 2024 at 8pm 

Speakers so far include Bob Archer - Redbridge Trades Union Council

Glenn Holmes

Sajida Ugradar - Redbridge Independents 

The Health Service Journal has reported today that violence is "going through the roof" at King George and Queens. My concern is that long waits for care may be a factor in the increase. Patients need more beds and medical staff to improve care and cope with existing and future demand.

Andy Walker on X: " Violence "going through the roof" says @matthewtrainer of @BHRUT_NHS I say long waits could be a factor. We need a new wing at King George to provide more capacity @jshmellor @bob_archer @GlennHo97250326 @SamTarry @KeithPrinceAM @rosemarywa @IlfordLib" / X (

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

New Wing Meeting

 Thank you to everyone attending yesterday.

Next step is to organise a 1500 signature petition which will secure a debate at Redbridge Town Hall 

Saturday, July 8, 2023

Flyer for Air Quality Meeting at St Pauls Community Centre with local NHS child death stats

C/O 120 Blythswood Road Ilford IG3 8SG 8th July 2023

07956 263088 twitter: @andywalker1945


Dear Residents

Residents’ Public Meeting 8pm Monday 10th July 2023 8pm Methodist Church Hall, Percy Road IG3 8UA

Briefing for air quality meeting at St Paul's Goodmayes Community Centre

Sir Keir Starmer’s comments on ULEZ recently have put the issue of air quality into the news. The debate on the pros and cons of ULEZ is hampered by the lack of data on real child deaths and hospital admissions. Since 2021 I have been seeking full postcodes for child deaths and hospital admissions linked to air pollution at I have an upper tribunal hearing seeking full postcodes on the 27th July, my grounds have changed to say the information should be given to an academic rather than to me. The death stats show a significant drop in deaths during covid lockdown. Without the full postcodes and dates of deaths (to allow tracking to high pollution days) we cannot judge whether air quality was the cause or not. The death stats are overleaf. A longer version of this newsletter is at the above site.


To join our WhatsApp group please go to 

This newsletter is online at the above site to allow it to be shared and make it easier to join the WhatsApp group via the link




Andy Walker


News on a step forward for the campaign to stop the High Rise slums is over the page

Application for 236 High Rise slums on Seven Kings Car Park withdrawn


The Council withdrew this application on the 30th June 2023. The location is toxic blighted by traffic and noise pollution. This withdrawal is a small step forward for the plan to stop the new slum housing in Redbridge being built. Thank you to Paul Scott for noticing this. More on this at the link below.,30%20Jun%202023


Crime Stats are a model for Council Governance

 Our Council is taking various welcome initiatives to reduce crime. However, publication of crime stats each month at Redbridge Cabinet needs to happen to improve crime reduction. The stats need to be within a written report accompanied by an oral report with public questions taken. Similar reports need to be produced for housing, health and all services that the Council provide or scrutinise. The Council have declared a climate emergency, so it is particularly puzzling that monthly reports on what is being done about the climate emergency are not being produced. Stats and reports are key in the private sector and the NHS. It must be right that Council introduce monthly reporting too.


What you can do:


1) Write to Sam Tarry MP at at to see if he will meet our campaign team

2) It would be great if you could attend council meetings to either ask a question or support Paul Scott or I who regularly attend meetings. Future meetings at Redbridge Town Hall are:


Overview Committee on 13th July at 7:15pm

Planning Committee on 18th July at 7:15pm

Cabinet on 20th July at 20th July at 7:17pm

Next Residents meeting at 8pm 10th July details over the page

Friday, July 7, 2023

Writing to Councillors for support for banner to be displayed for the new wing meeting on the 17th July & Bodgers Tower photoshoot

 Dear Councillors

1) New Wing for King George meeting on 17th July at 8pm at Redbridge Town Hall

2) Photoshoot outside Bodgers on 17th July at 7:15pm calling for dual stair cases

New Wing for King George Hospital Campaign Meeting

The text below shown in red is taken from the minutes of May 2023 board papers.

Mr Andy Walker was invited to raise a question. Mr Walker referenced the good news of further capital development at King George Hospital and noted that sometimes projects were delayed and questioned therefore whether the project was on target and whether it would be expected to help reduce the poor Type 1 Emergency Department results. In response, the Chief Executive clarified that the works referred to were two additional theatres which would be part of the Trust’s Elective Hub. It was reported that building works were on track for a Spring 2024 opening and whilst the work would offer enhancements it was unlikely to affect Type 1 Emergency Department performance. The work would not provide inpatient beds and the only possible benefit to Type 1 performance was that a significant number of people attending the Emergency Departments were on the Trust’s surgical lists. Therefore, if planned care could be managed on time, this might take the pressure off the Trust’s front door.

The new wing currently being built at the King George Site is very welcome, but is a job half done.

The trust is building new theatres to cope with our growing population, but has failed to put in a bid for new in-patient beds to cope with existing and future demand. It would be helpful if you could attend.

I have asked Jas to display our banner plugging the meeting at the Town Hall from the 10th July. If you are supportive of this idea, I would be grateful if you could write to Jas.

Photoshoot outside Bodgers on 17th July at 7:15pm

This photoshoot has two purposes, firstly to argue for safer dual staircases rather than the single staircase currently proposed for this 42-storey tower block. Secondly, to draw attention to the need for a new wing at King George Hospital to cope with the ever growing population. The Bodgers Tower being the most iconic example of the growth planned.


Andy Walker

Monday, June 5, 2023

Two cheers for a new theatres wing: A another wing with inpatient beds is needed for three cheers

 The photos below were taken on  4th June 2023. They show a new wing at King George being built. Well this is very welcome, it is only half the job because the wing is for two theatres, it does not include any overnight inpatient beds which are vital if the longest A&E waits in England at BHRUT are to be reduced.

 The campaign team have a meeting on the 17th July at Redbridge Town Hall to call for another  new wing for in-patient beds. This is reasonable with the sharply rising BHRUT catchment population.

We have a photoshoot this Saturday 10th June at 12:45pm meet for a 1pm photoshoot to promote the meeting on the 17th July. The Facebook event page is at

Our campaign will be linking up with the campaign to keep open the Wanstead Youth Centre on the 10th June.

Press on how bad the situation is now is below, 

Hospitals in England with worst A&E waits revealed - check if yours is on the list - Mirror Online 

The Mirror lists BHRUT as the worst in England

1,700 BHRUT A&E patients wait over four hours for treatment | Romford Recorder

Longest A&E waiting times at Queen’s Hospital trust since 2014 | Romford Recorder

Long waits at A&E departments are known to lead to longer stays in hospital and higher death rates. Some of the studies confirming this follow:

Data shows long A&E waits may have caused 23,000 'excess patient deaths' | UK | News |