Friday, April 17, 2015

NHS Hustings Saturday 18 April 5pm Fulwell Cross Library

Wea Streeting says:

“Under the Tories, our local NHS is in crisis. Both of our NHS trusts are in special measures, they broke their promise to keep maternity at King George Hospital open, waiting times for A&E and cancer treatment have been poor and primary care is also in crisis with people waiting too long to see a GP. Labour have saved the NHS before and we’ll do so again and I’m looking forward to debating the Tories’ record with Lee Scott."

Lee Scott says:

"We have worked together long and hard on the ‘Save King George Hospital’ campaign and have a very robust case to make on health provision in the area. The great strength of our local effort is that it has, so far, been non-party political. Our factual case has been argued and presented in the same way regardless of which party happened to be in power at the time."