Thursday, October 30, 2014

Notice of next Save King George Hospital meeting

Notice of Save King Hospital Meeting
Vison Suite Ilford Town Hall Tuesday  4th November at Midday


1) Minutes of previous meeting

2) Matters arising

3) Discussion on how to make the public meeting of 14 November at Barkingside Library a success.

4) Department of Health letter in response to deputation to 10 Downing Street

5) Update on deputation to visit Department of Health to present case for abandoning closure.

6) Discussion on inability of BHRUT and consequently Redbridge Council to publish comprehensive Key Performance Indicators. While some information is published by BHRUT, it is out of date. On the morning of 30 October, BHRUT is publishing information about July at

Bed occupancy rates, one of the KPIs used by the by the Care Quality Commission to determine if a hospital crosses the clinically safe threshold, do not feature at all on the BHRUT page. On time comprehensive publication of KPIs is a pressure to ensure that KGH bed closures in preparation for closing KGH A&E improve the service as promised. If any KGH bed closures lead to death rates rising then it seems likely that the doctors, nurses and beds would go back into KGH.

Neither bed numbers, nor  an easy to understand death rate, feature on the BHRUT KPI page.
David Oliver writes at that the:
“The best evidence for large scale quality improvement is about clinically led standards of care; clinically led innovations in models of service delivery, linked to transparent publication of data on processes and outcomes; and a community of practice and peer support from clinical leaders.” (my emphasis)

Comprehensive timely publication of KPIs should also a  means for helping BHRUT get out of special measures, the mystery is, why are they not being published?

7) Any other business.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Public Meeting Friday 14 November Barkingside Library

Public Meeting 7:30pm Friday 14 November Barkingside Library

MPs Mike Gapes and Lee Scott along with Cllr Wes Streeting, Redbridge Council Health spokesperson will say why the plan to close King George A&E needs to be abandoned must be the recommendation of the major piece of work commissioned by BHRUT into the feasibility of closing KGH A&E.

The September BHRUT AGM papers annouce the major piece of work below:

Key risks to the strategy

HfNEL focused principally on quality, with financial sustainability considered f

or northeast London as a whole, and due to the loss of income and significant capital

development needed at Queen’s, the overall impact of the changes on BHRUT’s

financial position is expected to be negative. Implementation of the changes is

predicated on significant productivity improvements that have not yet been realised,

including reduction in length of stay to create sufficient bed capacity at Queen’s to

deal with the additional activity it will see.

Although the Trust is committed to following through on the above elements and

delivering them, before embarking on any other aspects, we have asked for a major

piece of work to take place to look again at the data – including projected population

and demand – that was used to develop the original Health for North East London

proposals. ENDs My emphasis