Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A&E target missed

The stats below are taken from the BHRUT website, they appear to have been published yesterday:

A&E 4 Hour treatment This is the percentage of patients who complete their care in the emergency department within 4 hours. The target figure is: 95% over the last four weeks, we achieved: 87.8% ENDs

The below is a quote from Averil Dongwoth's letter to Cllr Ryan on the Redbridge council website dated 9th May

 "In terms of plans for the year ahead...which will reduce the need for inpatient beds by approximately 60 beds"

 I hope Averil will be reviewing the plans to cut 60 beds until the A&E statistics improve.

 The plans to close KGH A&E need to be abandoned.

Decisions from 14 June Save King George Hospital Meeting

Apologies Cllrs  Ruth Clarke, Vanessa Cole,  Paul McGeary

Bob Archer, Bill Howe Helen Zammett,  Andy Walker

BH briefed meeting about moves to reclaim monies from overseas governments whose citizens use NHS are being tightened up.

HZ very concerned about press coverage that beds at Wanstead hospital to close. If it happens is likely to put more pressure on King George Hospital (KGH) and Queens.

Following discussion on future campaigning agreed to:

a) Photo shoot outside KGH on Saturday 26 October at 1pm to mark 2nd anniversary of closure decision with a call for the KGH A&E closure plan to be dropped and maternity to return to KGH .

b) A petition calling for the return of maternity to KGH and the dropping of the closure plan plan to be presented to September full council.

c) A public meeting to be held in autumn

d) AW to pursue what evidence was provided to by Barking Havering Redbridge University Trust to Independent Reconfiguration Panel in 2011.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

What's going on at BHRUT?

A local resident sent me this headline earlier today from Health Service Journal of 18 June. I could not find anything on BHRUT site about it. I phoned press department and told it was correct.  

Troubled trust avoids regulator ‘cap’ on A&E

about Queens A&E.  This lack of reporting a key issue does not appear to be the transparency demanded by the Francis report. We should find out important developments from the BHRUT direct rather than the press. BHRUT need to issue a press release on this issue ASAP. 
The latest BHRUT Chairman’s report of April this year I can find at
“4. Never Events:
We have now had three surgical never events in the past few months, fortunately
without major harm to patients, and I remain concerned that the Trust’s approach is
inadequate. It is simply not good enough for individuals, including senior clinical
colleagues, to shrug their shoulders and accept that “these things happen”.”

Suggest never events need to kept track of too as a key performance indicator on the council website.
Closing KGH A&E sacking medical staff and putting thousands more patients into Queens must increase the chances of more never events which is why the campaign to keep open our A&E must succeed.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Meeting of the save KGH committee & A&E Review Link

The next meeting of the save KGH committee will take place on:

Friday 14th June from 12-1pm in room 43 at Ilford Town Hall

By then more information should be available about the press report which has the quote

"Hunt said the review, to be led by NHS England's medical director, Sir Bruce Keogh, would tie together the vexed issues of whether there should be closures of accident and emergency units across the country; how to get elderly patients out into the community to free up hospital beds; and how the GP contract could be altered to get family doctors to become accountable for the care of vulnerable older people outside A&E"

The full article is here http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2013/jun/06/a-and-e-crisis-jeremy-hunt

All KGH supporters welcome