Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Bed Cuts at BHRUT board meeting

Stand out news from meeting earlier today is acute bed cuts at King George and Queens Hospitals.

King George has gone down from 293 to 265 beds and Queens from 645 to 641.

Overall 938 beds have reduced to 906, a loss of 32 beds, 3.4% of the total.

Time after time board members say the Trust need more capacity, it is baffling that they are reducing the ability of our hospitals to cope this winter. Japonica ward is now empty at King George, it seems the seems the plan to close King George Hospital A&E is proceeding by stealth. 

On 27 October 2011 the Department of Health issued a statement announcing the closure of King George Hospital A&E. The following safety lock was provided at the time, it now seems discarded.

“no changes will take place until the Care Quality Commission, which published its own report on local services today, has assured the Secretary of State that the services provided by Queen’s Hospital and other local health services are of a high standard.”

The full statement is at

The photo below is of Save King George Hospital supporters outside Queens Hospital where the board meeting took place.