Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Recorder KGH and Queens story

The Ilford Recorder published a story yesterday

http://www.ilfordrecorder.co.uk/news/news/long_waiting_times_today_at_redbridge_s_under_pressure_a_e_1_1172603 saying KGH and Queens patients are currently experiencing long waits

A NHS manager is quoted:

: “A&Es are always very busy at this time of year, and unless people have a life-threatening illness or injury, they will be seen much more quickly and appropriately elsewhere"

Is discouraging  people from attending A&E the best advice?

An NHS web article on strokes says:
"Surveys regularly show that most people cannot name the three main symptoms of a stroke, yet strokes claim 67,000 lives a year and are the leading cause of disability. Thousands of deaths and cases of disability could be avoided if people could spot the symptoms and seek immediate treatment" full article at http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/stroke/Pages/Strokesymptoms.aspx

Some people could lose vital time if they incorrectly diagnose a symptom because they are concerned about being a burden on their local hospital.

With both Queens and KGH A&Es struggling to cope with demand how can it be safe to close KGH A&E?

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