Wednesday, March 21, 2012

CQC says Queens exposes patients to unnecessary risks

Thank you to a resident who wishes to be anonymous who drew my attention to a CQC report published in February 2012 concerning a visit to Queens on 10 October 2011.

The CQC overall judgement is "Queen's Hospital was not meeting one or more essential standards. Improvements are needed."

The report says:

“The trust has made several changes and improvements in respect of the major concerns previously identified. However the department continue to fail in meeting targets sometimes resulting in delays in the care and treatment of patients, this can be due to 'blockages' in the system which could in turn be due to a lack of availability of beds throughout the hospital. The hospital also continue in their struggle to recruit middle grade doctors and a reliance is placed on using doctors from local agencies. This reliance has increased the risk of reduced medical cover when agency doctors have failed to work the shift they were booked for at very short notice or no notice. Overall this is exposing patients to unnecessary and increased risk of poor care.”

The report also says:

“Staff told us, and we observed, that the activity in the A&E Department at King George Hospital was monitored by the A&E Department at Queen's. During our visit Queen's Hospital had been short of doctors, on occasions doctors are transferred from King George Hospital to help out at Queen's.”

I cannot understand how plans to close King George Hospital A&E and cut staff by 25% can be considered in light of such a report. The 120 Black Breaches record in an earlier post suggests the A&E service appears to be deteriorating not improving since the October 2011 visit.


  1. I've posted this on my Hornchurchlife twitter feed. Are you on twitter?

    Let me know anyway I can help

    1. Yes, andywalker1945, I will post notice of April meeting of campaign group shortly if want to come along. I hope group will organise a public meeting in Havering. Thanks for support