Monday, August 6, 2012

Cllr Paul McGeary's View and Friday Photo

Havering Cllr Paul McGeary who attended the Friday photo shoot says:

With the recent confirmation from a Senior Officer from BHRUT at the Joint Health and Overview Committee on the 10th July that there is a delay in implementing the A & E improvements at Queen's Hospital, the need still to provide adequate community facilities to enable space to be created to allow for these improvements to happen and the failure to meet the bed reduction targets in the Health for NEL plan.

It appears that the wheels are coming off the proposed programme.

We await with interest the BHRUT board report due at the end of August to see how these issues will be addressed and what the cost will be to the local health economy.

Perhaps it is time to reconsider the proposals and keep the A & E Department at King George Hospital for the benefit of patients at Redbridge and Barking and improve Queen’s A & E  for the residents of Havering and Dagenham. ENDS

Wantstead and Woodford Guardian have a pick of the Friday photo shoot here. Many thanks to those who came.

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