Friday, September 28, 2012

NHS reply to earlier post

Andy Strickland Media Manager for ONEL writes

When writing about St George’s hospital in Hornchurch, you say: ‘If BHRUT were not planning to spend large sums of money on an unnecessary A&E extension at Queens it might have the money to keep the existing estate (i.e. at St George’s) up to standard.’

Just to clarify, St George’s is not a BHRUT hospital. The site is owned by NHS North East London and the City (NHS NELC) and services are provided by North East London Foundation Trust (NELFT), not BHRUT. So a bit unfair to criticise BHRUT on this one I’m sure you’ll agree. They aren’t involved in any of the decisions currently being taken about the bed-based services at the hospital or the longer term plan for the site as a whole.

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