Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Maternity Consultation and Mystery Document

Last night, a key Redbridge Council committee called for public consultation on the plans to close KGH maternity next year and change the catchment ares for over 2000 births a year.

The original plan was to close KGH A&E and maternity at the same time but this has been dropped with no definite date for the closure of A&E. The loss of the the A&E was an argument for closing maternity, now that A&E will remain open, why is the NHS not considering keeping maternity provision in Redbridge?

Let's hope the NHS do the right thing and agree to a public consultation on their planned changes.

What also emerged from the meeting is that there is a secret plan for the future of KGH and Queens called the Outline Business Case. How can the public and cllrs comment on these plans if they cannot be seen? This document needs to be disclosed quickly so that residents know what is planned for our hospitals.

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