Thursday, June 20, 2013

What's going on at BHRUT?

A local resident sent me this headline earlier today from Health Service Journal of 18 June. I could not find anything on BHRUT site about it. I phoned press department and told it was correct.  

Troubled trust avoids regulator ‘cap’ on A&E

about Queens A&E.  This lack of reporting a key issue does not appear to be the transparency demanded by the Francis report. We should find out important developments from the BHRUT direct rather than the press. BHRUT need to issue a press release on this issue ASAP. 
The latest BHRUT Chairman’s report of April this year I can find at
“4. Never Events:
We have now had three surgical never events in the past few months, fortunately
without major harm to patients, and I remain concerned that the Trust’s approach is
inadequate. It is simply not good enough for individuals, including senior clinical
colleagues, to shrug their shoulders and accept that “these things happen”.”

Suggest never events need to kept track of too as a key performance indicator on the council website.
Closing KGH A&E sacking medical staff and putting thousands more patients into Queens must increase the chances of more never events which is why the campaign to keep open our A&E must succeed.

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