Thursday, July 18, 2013

BHRUT aim to close KGH A&E in 2015

The Ilford Recorder reports at

that BHRUT intend to close KGH A&E in 2015.

The original NHS plan to close the unit says at page 123 that 25% of the medical staff are to be sacked by 2015. The detail from the report is listed below.

For medical staff:

Health for north east London proposals will mean a reduction in medical staff at BHRUT but this represents no more than a 10% reduction in total medical staff in any given year:
2011/12 (Y+1)

Overall change:

How can patients not die if the closure is allowed to happen?

The Guardian report indicates cuts are likely to happen at Whipps making all the dangerous any closure of our A&E.

Both Redbridge and Waltham Forest need more medical staff, not less.

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