Wednesday, January 8, 2014

At BHRUT Board meeting

Save King George Hospital activists turned up at the BHRUT board meeting earlier today. The photo was taken outside Queens before the meeting started.

Inside the meeting Board papers were available which showed the Queens A&E four hour waits had dipped below 80% at times last year. The latest bed occupancy figure given for King George and Queens combined was 95% .

The Care Care Commission states in their December 2013 report regarding King George Hospital

 "Once bed occupancy rates rise above 85%, quality of patient care can be affected"

 Averil Dongworth, the BHRUT chief Executive was asked in light of these statistics whether the plan to close King George Hospital A&E in 2015 was still going ahead. Averil said the closure plan is continuing.

The campaign to ditch these potentially dangerous proposals must go on.

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