Sunday, August 31, 2014

Campaigners say put A&E icon on sign

Thank you to Bill Howe for photo above
Three signposts directing drivers to King George Hospital are at the junction where the Eastern Avenue meets Barley Lane.
One has been recently changed to delete Chadwell Hospital (which is closed). It is unclear whether an A&E icon has been covered up. The other two signs have Chadwell Hospital and an A&E icon on them.
Are the other signs to be changed?
Was the A&E icon whitened over?
Will an A&E icon be put on the sign in question?
TFL has not yet responded to Redbridge Council enquiries about the sign made on 28th August.
TFL need to put an  A&E icon on the sign ASAP. Visitors need all the help they can to find an A&E. Delays reaching A&E can adversely impact on patient safety.

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