Friday, February 3, 2017

Statement by Cllr Jas Athwal & Keith Prince AM in support of 18th March Rally and march

"It is unfair that King George Hospital A&E is being planned to close in 2019. Since the closure plan was passed in 2011 the population of North East London has grown and is set to grow further still. Other parts of the country such as Durham and Luton have been given more resources to improve their A&E departments, we are only asking that resources not be taken away from our area.

When the King George A&E closure plan was passed in 2011 we were given a guarantee that King George A&E would not close until Queens was of a high standard. This is not the case.

A good turn out on the 18th March is vital, if we can match the 6000 that turned out to help Grantham's A&E we might get on the TV news and broadcast to thousands our request to meet Mr Hunt, the Secretary of State for Health to review the closure decision" 

Luton A&E at

Durham A&E at 

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