Saturday, March 4, 2017

Beds re-opened at King George Hospital, but Queens beds cut

BHRUT, the management board for King George and Queens Hospitals deserve to be congratulated for re-opening beds closed at King George Hospital. In December 2016 there were 272 acute beds at King George Hospital making a total, with Queens 634  beds, of 906 beds.

In January 2017, the numbers at King George had risen to 299, an increase of 27 beds, but Queens had been cut to 604, making an overall net loss of 3 beds when compared with December 2016, and a total of 903 beds.

The final photo shows that at May 2015 the two hospitals had a total of 938 beds, 293 at King George and 645 at Queens.

This is a loss of 35 bed from May 2015 to January 2017, along with the associated medical staff. Both hospitals continue to miss key safety benchmarks such as the 95% 4 hour A&E waiting time

The trend for acute resources at our hospitals is going down, when what we need are more beds, doctors and nurses to cope with our growing population.

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