Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Melvyn Weinberg MBE writes on the current situation

Dear Mr Walker,

As the former chair of the Redbridge CCG Forum and a long standing chairman of a large practice PPG group, I hope you will allow me to make the following comments on the current situation:-

  • We are facing a great shortage of G P's, with the position likely to get worse with the retirement of older G P's
  • Many practices find it very difficult to recruit qualified practice nurses.
  • There is also a shortage of District nurses.
  • Many local practices struggle to cope with existing demand.
  • The population of Redbridge is predicted to rise significantly over the next 5 to 10 years, yet the health infrastructure to cope is just not keeping pace.
  • I cannot see how the proposed closure of King George A & E will help the situation. Queens is already under special measures and, is only just coping with its own local the current demand.
  • I question if the Secretary of State has really taken into account the predicted population growth.
  • More and more flats are being built, with no thought as to how local general practice and the local NHS will cope.
  • Far to often money is dictating clinical policy.
  • It is more than possible that the current CCG set up will be done away with, resulting in yet more upheaval in he NHS.

Best Wishes

Melvyn Weinberg MBE

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