Thursday, May 11, 2017

An example of the suffering the GP shortage causes

Hi Andy

I saw your flyer yesterday and I Apologize that I cannot make it.

I had a serious road accident as a passenger in 2011 whereby a lorry decided to change lanes on the M25.

The ambulance was not called and I challenged the highway agency about the cuts being made as this had a massive impact on me.  Although I can't remember the accident itself as I did eventually get to realize I had a bank to the head and multiple injuries.

I had to rely on a ongoing relationship with my GP and the Internet to help diagnose all my health problems such as a trap nerve in the neck, 2 pulled muscles in the back; post traumatic concussion and loss memory so minor brain damage; panic attacks; adrenal fatigue, bursitis in the shoulder and arm problems and so I had physiology therapy and steroid injections and counselling from the NHS which I was grateful.  I then had cortisone injections which left me feeling sick, exhausted and with high blood sugars and glucose problems.  I paid for a lot of different therapies myself because there is just such scarcity at the moment from the NHS and again the cuts have impacted me.  The staff in Every  hospital Seemed overworked.  All the medical people I was seen by were the most courteous people I had met and they always wanted to be off service and a contribution to me. 

I moved a few times as the accident also impacted me financially as I spent the sale of my house and have not been able to work full time since.

I realised with the three areas I lived in this was a lottery.  
Every GP I have seen has always been really helpful and a contribution to me,  When I joined the  medical centre three years ago the doctors had just so incredibly nice.  It is unfortunate that when I ring  that I half virtually a half hour wait to get through to the receptionist,  sometimes I have to spend all day trying to ring back.  Other times I gave up and just put up with pain. 

My left eye was impacted by the back to my head with the accident.  A month ago I had an eye infection which seem minor and so I chose not to phone the doctors because it is now so time consuming.  Incidentally when I do go I can wait for anything from half an hour to an hour.  I get excited if they call me within 15 mins! When I saw your leaflet I thought I must contact this number and two other very frail older ladies in the waiting area agreed that the cuts were bad and were upset about how long they had to wait.  Someone I knew had come into the surgery as she had been trying to ring all morning.

The eye got really sore and yesterday the doctor prescribed me an antibiotic.  He told me I should not have left it.  I told him about it being difficult to get through on the phone.
He then proceeded to say two gps had left the surgery because they could not manage the workload.  They try to put in ad after ad to recruit and they could not find any replacement.

My husband is a diabetic and had been impacted by the cuts. 

The present government have no idea what an asset the NHS and GP service are.  To keep cutting public funding is reverting back to Victorian time mentality.  The rich have money can pay privately and get the best treatment.  I have had many emotions attached to the past 6 years and I am angry that there are such severe cuts to health education and all other areas of public sector. 

Kind regards

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