Monday, December 11, 2017

1) Photo shoot cancelled for today cancelled 2) CCG issue statement on Meadow Court 3) One Place East Statement

1 -The photo shoot today is cancelled due to not enough numbers.

2 - At 14:33 the following email was sent to me by the CCG

Dear Andy
I understand that you have now received the FOI response confirming that the CCG holds no such emails or documents regarding the development/demolition of Meadow Court as we are not aware of any plans. 
You also mention a ‘board member’s’ comments at the governing body meeting on 30 November 2017.  I was at the meeting and cannot recall any member of the CCG governing body making such comments.  I have checked with colleagues and with our company secretary who concur.  You may be aware that non-voting attendees sit at the table also, for example from HealthWatch and the local authority.
I also wanted to advise that the public section of the agenda was placed at the beginning of the meeting, as it has been for similar meetings, so that comments could be heard before consideration of the proposals and decision making.  We have done this following previous feedback from stakeholders, but are happy to hold this at the end of the meeting in future if preferred.
I trust this is helpful. You can publish this email as I welcome the facts being shared with the public.

CCG Director

I understand the person who made the statement calling into the consultation into doubt was a non-voting attendee. An error on my part.

NELFT the NHS trust who own Meadow Court are yet to issue a statement on the issue.

3 Jon Abrams of One Place East has given me the following

"I was shocked at the way in which relatives and carers of loved ones at Meadow Court were treated at the recent CCG Governing Body Meeting. To all extents and purposes, the ‘voice’ of carers and patients were ignored demonstrating a lack of dignity, respect and compassion. 

The Board ignored many of the pertinent questions about the quality of care, health outcomes following relocation, and the standard of local care homes. Even if a transfer is carried out well, there are risks. Minimising ‘transfer trauma’ necessitates an ongoing piece of work involving the whole system.

Dementia patients and older people have human rights too. And the Board's decision to in effect eject dementia patients from their homes is a tragedy."

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