Monday, December 3, 2012

Correction to previous post

The NHS have asked me to correct the date in the previous post. KGH maternity is proposed to close in late March 2013, not February 2013 as I stated earlier. My apologies for the error. NHS email follows

Thanks Andy.

 I’m sorry this letter has caused confusion. It doesn’t relate to the proposed closure of King George to maternity deliveries in late March 2013, but relates to the transfer of a small number of mothers-to-be to Whipps Cross, part of Barts Health. These women generally live closest to Whipps Cross, and in an area that will be served by Barts Health community midwives. Only women in the early stages of pregnancy, due after 1 st February, are being asked to transfer, which is where the 1 st February date came from. This is part of the commissioner-led maternity plans, and if you have any queries on this, you may find it most helpful to contact Zoe at NHS North East London and the City in the first instance.

 Kind regards,


 Imogen Shillito Director of Communications

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