Monday, December 31, 2012

Is CQC to make a finding?

The following appears in an Ilford Recorder Story regarding a CQC visit to Queens earlier this month:

 “The CQC will not make any recommendations in the report but the Department of Health is expected to take its findings into account when finalising the transfer of maternity services.”

 My hope is that the CQC will make a finding into whether the proposed closure of KGH maternity is safe. When Ofsted visits a school, it makes a public report available which contains findings about the quality of the education there. It seems reasonable to expect the CQC to do something similar regarding the closure process for KGH. Has BHRUT got the beds and staff in place at the units to look after the women safely who would have gone to KGH?

 We know the CQC is at Queens, but they also should go, have they already not have gone to, the other units who will be affected by the changes to make sure they can cope with the closure. If the closure does go ahead next year, my hope is that a cross party campaign will be set up for the return of maternity provision. A borough heading towards a population of 300,000 deserves a maternity unit.

Whether the CQC makes a finding about the safety of the closure of KGH maternity will set a precedent for what happens with the proposed A&E closure.

 The Recorder story is here.

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