Friday, December 9, 2011

C section deadline missed

I and others wrote to Alwen Williams to enquire if the 12th December deadline for c sections to be returned from Homerton to Queens and KGH was to be kept to. The response is below, although the question about the deadline is not directly answered it seems that it will not be met and no new date for their return has been given. It is welcome that an update is to be provided next week by Alwen.

“Dear Councillor Walker and colleagues

Thank you for your email. I understand that these issues are of concern to local councillors and residents.

As you know, I have this week taken on the role of chief executive for outer north east London (ONEL). However I have over the past few weeks been involved in a number of meetings with colleagues from NHS London, BHRUT and NHS ONEL.

I was also fully aware of the plan to address immediate issues with maternity services in my role as chief executive for the inner north east London cluster.

The plan was developed to ease pressure on BHRUT and to provide headroom to address a number of the most urgent concerns. We also needed to be sure that services never became so busy as to be unsafe. We agreed that we would need to review the plan throughout and we are in the final stages of that now.

Once we have concluded this process I will be in touch next week to provide you and other stakeholders with an update.

Please be assured however that our primary concern is to ensure that we have safe services for women in ONEL and any actions taken will be about ensuring that happens.

Best wishes

Alwen Williams, Chief Executive

NHS Outer North East London – a partnership of local primary care trusts

Becketts House, 2-14 Ilford Hill, Ilford IG1 2QX

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