Friday, December 30, 2011

KGH and Queens Press Stories

Thanks to Bob Archer for drawing my attention to the deteriorating financial position at Barking, Havering and Redbridge Trust which includes Queens and King Georges. I quote:
“Two of the trusts forecasting deficit at the end of June increased their forecast losses. Barking, Havering and Redbridge Trust was forecasting a £50m deficit at the end of September, £10m worse than its previous forecast...” full article at
The Recorder carries a story this week about Anu Patel I quote: “It was so hard because I knew exactly what was happening to me this time,” she said. “I knew if I got medical attention in time then it might have prevented it [the miscarriage].” Mrs Patel added: “I was appalled with how they treated me. Having to stand there with my waters broken was just demeaning.” She added the intention to close the A&E and labour ward at King George is “disgusting”. Full article at
The Telegraph carried a piece yesterday about patients being readmitted because they had been discharged too early. The claim is made of a 75% increase in the past decade of people leaving hospital and then returning as an emergency within 28 days. This is important for the save King George Hospital campaign as the closure plan is based upon big reduction on length of stay at both Queens and King George Hospital. Redbridge Health Scrutiny committee needs to keep on the ball on this issue and make sure any decrease in patient stay do not jeopardise safety. Full article at
Time Fm briefly mentions my recent interview on C sections here:

At the year end BHRUT does not appear anywhere near being able to safely close King George Hospital A&E and maternity units. I doubt it will be at the end of the next year. The encouraging thing is that there are lots of people who want to keep the campaign going and remain convinced that the IRP and Andrew Lansley made the wrong decision. The New Year is likely to provide evidence that Redbridge needs more medical resources, not less as outlined in the closure plan.

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