Wednesday, December 14, 2011

KGH to do planned C Sections?

I am baffled to what is going on, we were told yesterday by Dr Moore, a senior NHS manager that C sections were to stay at the Homerton. Today, the NHS put the below up on the BHRUT site. It is a welcome change of direction and I hope they get the go ahead to re-open the ward at KGH.
Maternity services and caesarean section deliveries
Maternity services and caesarean section deliveries
14th December2011
BHRUT has facilities to deliver babies by caesarean section (C section) operations at both Queen’s and King George Hospitals.

For an eight week period ending in mid-December, we agreed with our commissioners that the Homerton Hospital in Hackney would offer care for some of our mothers-to-be who needed non-urgent C sections that would usually be provided at Queen’s.

Over this time, we have worked to improve quality, ensure all our newly recruited midwives are fully inducted, and also to plan how best to use our hospitals’ capacity, including fully utilising King George Hospital.

The Trust is working to improve our care further, but we have made significant progress, for example, in improving the level of one-to-one care for women in labour, reducing the waiting time for women to be assessed, and making sure women get access to pain relief quickly.

We are now planning to open up capacity for local women, subject to commissioner approval, in King George Hospital. We have two dedicated obstetric operating theatres there and are ready to reopen the post-natal ward, Japonica, to give care to women who have had non-urgent low-risk caesarean sections.

We are planning a new midwife-led unit at Queen’s, and will start work on this when we have funding approval from our commissioners. This will improve capacity at Queen’s and enable women to have choice over whether they want to give birth in a more homely environment. This new capacity will also help with implementation of the Secretary of State’s decision about the future of maternity provision at King George Hospital. However, there will be no reduction of maternity services at King George until the quality and capacity improvements can be sustained at Queen’s Hospital.

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